1. High Reliability
By adopting the special VPI (vacuum pressure impregnation) technology and excellent NOMEX® insulation paper, the product shows good overall temperature and humidity resistance as the compact NOMEX® insulation paper still keeps 90% of dielectric strength under complete drying when the humidity is 95%, and good radiation resistance as the product still has original electrical performance and mechanical property in the event of 800 Mrad ionizing radiation.

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2. Strong Overload Capacity
Because of using NOMEX® paper as a major insulation material, the product has large heat-resistant margin. NOMEX® paper belongs to C-class insulation, and can work safely and stably under 220°C for a long term. Designed as H-class insulation, the product’s maximum operation temperature is 180°C, therefore, 40°C heat-resistant margin will ensure the transformer to work safely even under the circumstances of higher air temperature, more harmonic components and short running beyond installed capacity.

3. Good Environmental Protection, Low Noise
NOMEX® paper will endure a short running at 350°C, and cannot soften, fuse and support combustion at 250°C. It will not send out toxic or corrosive gas even at the temperature of 750°C, and never embrittle at an extremely low temperature. The iron core is made out of imported high-quality oriented silicon sheet under optimized design, so the noise will be controlled within 48dB, and the environmental performance is excellent.

4. Good Electrical Performance and Small Partial Discharge