Power transformers

Waslat provides  a large range of oil filled (ONAN/ONAF) power transformers, cast resin and dry type transformers which can be used in a wide range of configurations. We also supply distribution transformers, including step up and step down units, to the Jordanian and regional  markets .

Our current range extends from 15kva single phase pole mounting distribution transformers and package substations, all the way up to large electric power transformers rated at several MVA. Oil type, cast resin & dry type transformers, hermetically sealed or conservator designed, are all within our standard manufacturing range.

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Power transformers

We offer a large choice of ratings, types and styles, Quick specification, tendering, manufacture and installation: An easy solution!. Our most popular ratings of transformers are held in stock.

Cables and accessories

We owe our success to our vast and diversified range of products, expert knowledge of the markets and a reputation for superior customer satisfaction.

Fiber cleaning

Clean fiber optic components are a requirement for quality connections between fiber optic equipment. One of the most basic and important procedures for the maintenance of fiber optic systems is to clean the fiber optic equipment.

Test equipment

Create signals and capture responses from devices under test to ensure proper operation or trace and repair faults with our lineup of quality digital multimeters, oscilloscopes, and much more





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The biggest pride of Waslat. is our clients. Our driving force is our partners. We never stop looking for mutually beneficial relationships with companies active in various business sectors. We are immensely proud of having established strong connections with quite a few partners and customers around the globe. We are open for new ventures and expanding of our current partner & client base.